Computer lessons for kids

Children nowadays are learning ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα things about technology very early. They are practically experts by the time they are adults! But there is a difference between playing games at the computer all day and actually learning stuff about how the computer and its programs work.
Many parents are wondering when should their children be more involved with the computer at the house, or even if the computer

So how much time should the children play at the computer?

This difficult question does not have a clear answer whenever you do not expect to be told 25 minutes a day as even this logical answer may not suit your child. Fortunately for you, life with its runs does not allow exaggerations and gives clear answers on its own. (In the morning school at noon rest in the afternoon reading and a little play). Let me just say that in general the time of use should be added to the television. That is, if we allow half an hour of television and we want to use the computer, we should take the time of television.

What to watch out for?

Be aware that the computer or a touch device with programs such as ipad, iphone, ipod etc gives us the opportunity to keep our little ones busy even in difficult times such as an hour of waiting at the doctor, or a moment of work at home so we leave the child to play not to have quality time but to calm down. (This may put you in a difficult position in the future but I will not say more as we discuss quality time here)

“In general, if you find it difficult to set limits on your child for television, you will have the same problem with the computer, so before you start, get informed and get organized.”

As you choose the programs that the child watches on TV, so you should choose the corresponding ones for the computer. Do not hesitate to consult your friends with slightly older children. Unfortunately friends who are good at computers and do not have children nearby can not help much. Do not trust anyone 100% everyone has their own measures and weights. Try the programs and play with your children.

From 5 years old

For 5 year olds things are clearer. These children have acquired stimuli from many places and in kindergarten they are already using a computer. In private schools they have also used interactive whiteboards. These kids are starting to learn letters and here the computer can help a lot. In addition to learning how to use it properly, children can have educational materials at their disposal that can help them understand letters, numbers, actions, foreign languages. If there are learning difficulties, special programs can help some children integrate better into a classroom.

Beware of uncontrolled use!

The stimuli are many now and the tool can easily become a gaming machine. If you want your child to play there are many devices like PlayStation Wii psp that can offer you hours of play. Try to single this out to get the most out of a computer. Surely children can have fun on the computer. But if they do it creatively, you and they will enjoy it more.

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