Best smartphone cameras of 2020

Nowadays people are buying their phones–θήκες κινητών– to use them daily as business tools, messaging devices and general communication purposes and of course cameras. This happens because people need simpler and lesser things to carry with them because of the fast pace of every day life. For that matter we are going to present you a list with what we think are the best smartphone cameras of 2020.

If you’re interested in using your phone to take amazing pictures and videos that are of course of high-quality without having to carry a camera with you then this article is what you need. If you wish to change your  to current phone and get something else, then keep reading to find out which are the best smart for cameras of 2020.

Huawei P40 Pro

With a telephoto camera Huawei P40 Pro is an affordable phone as it is priced under $1000. It is a great camera but it’s not the best phone as far as its features are concerned so you would wan to buy it only if you’re interested in a very good camera.

Its brand new 50 megapixel sensor which is using RYYB sub-fix it formation Will create amazing pictures and videos and the company claims that this makes its camera is better to handle scenes in the dark. It’s central camera has a huge sensor and combined with that company’s electronic image stabilization it is an excellent phone.

It’s zooming features are as close as the Galaxy S20 Ultra ones and considering that the cost of the phone is much lower than its rival, it’s a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable phone.

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s last addition to the smartphone family is the iPhone 11 Pro. It has an excellent night mode and an amazing display which can offer you a great smartphone experience. It features a triple camera on the back and a 12 megapixels front camera. It is the best smart phone that Apple has released in terms of camera features.

The phone can have a dynamic rage and with its three cameras it’s a lot versatile. The central camera features and 26 mm focal length and it is great for capturing every day snaps. It also has an Ultra Wide camera and a telephoto camera which can zoom into a subject with a 52 millimeter focal length.

This camera can add a beautiful consistent color to your pictures and also tune your profile across all the three cameras. If you’re a person who loves Apple and its products and you need a phone that can capture good quality pictures then this is the phone for you.

Google Pixel 4

Google pixel four is an amazing phone which is a number one in class leading night photography. This phone features a fantastic camera phone and it has DSLR capabilities that will amaze even the most experienced photographers.

The downfall of this is that it does not have an older white camera and it’s battery life is poor as well as there are no many storage options. Generally speaking it’s camera is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro and we can say that it snapa beautifully balanced pictures pretty much every time.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

A super phone, the ultimate flag ship as an ultimate price is the Samsung galaxy S 20 Ultra. Many things have been claimed about this one but people are still testing it. One thing we can say for sure is that its camera is amazing as it has a main camera of 108 megapixels, a telephoto of 48 megapixels and Ultra Wide of 12 megapixels.

It’s price is approximately $930 which does make it a little bit expensive as most people would rather have a phone that costs under 500. Apart from that, it’s camera pictures are amazing it has a five times optical and 100 times digital space zoom and any normal 6.9 inch display. Basically you are having over 200 megapixels across the front and back cameras and many people have named this phone and telephoto champion.

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is the most affordable iPhone which also has an excellent low-light photography feature. With a man cameras 12 megapixels and an ultra wide as of 12 megapixels as well, this iPhone will capture decent photos for quite a low price.

Colors are consistent across cameras, and has a great night mode and it’s the most affordable iPhone in the 11 series. It is able to see in the dark quite well, even when you are holding it in your hands and the night mode is ready to go when you are shooting in low light sceneries.

The transitions between the lenses and the iMovie app – thiki kinitou – are smooth and are great for exiting in basic way, and if you want to buy a smart phone for some really easy, high-quality film-making then we would share just any of the iPhones in this list.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Last but not least we have our Mi Note 10 which is the phone with the highest resolution camera in the whole world. The level of detail in the pictures taken with the front camera is insane and the 5 cameras are allowing you to capture any kind of picture you like.

There is also a macro camera, an ultra wide angle camera and the optical zoom can be either x 2 or x5 times. The reason why this smartphone is not very high on the list is because the other cameras may get inconsistent while you are trying to take pictures.

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