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102 Forward Medical Support Detachment




Thomas G. O'Brien II



The 1102 FMSD is a medical unit comprised of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists EMS and auxiliary medical personnel.  We are dedicated to providing support to NYARNG, NYG, other military units and aid to civilian authority.  Primarily working within the confines of New York State, we have and will, provide support wherever orders take us.  We welcome inquires from qualified recruits possessing dedication and competence, to join us in these humane and life-saving efforts.



The 1102 unit and crest has its genesis in a de-activated National Guard Unit, the 1st of the 102nd MFST -Medical Foward Support Team.  As in the past, its motto is "Cura Comites Custodimus" or, We Guard our Comrades with Care.


The 1102 crest comprises is a shield with a dark maroon background containing a Fleur-de-Lis, a Star and a  Lion. There is a green upper triangle with a red-cross centered and the letters NYG surrounding the red-cross within the triangle. 

a) The Shield in itself represents protection.

b) The color green is associated with herbal medicine, abundant health and spiritual rejuvenation.

c) The Red Cross is an emblem, established in 1864, which, under the Geneva Conventions, is placed on humanitarian, medical vehicles and buildings to protect them from military attack on the battlefield.

d) The NYG represents the NEW YORK GUARD.

e) The color maroon is associated with healing purposes and is the traditional color used in the medical field.

f) In this representation, the Fleur-de-Lies represents irrefutable sovereignty, specifically of medical personnel.

g) The Lion emblem refers to the courage associated with unarmed medical personnel entering the battlefield to provide aid to their comrades.

h) The Star symbol implies that we are thinking of our conduct at the simplest, finest, level. It indicates that each of us are shining with light of knowledge that in this state, we feel secure but free, and can be more loving, more accepting of other people.



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